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Monday, January 21, 2013

Estonian Soap Opera

Doubt you guys missed this...but still worth marking.

An opera has been written about the Twitter (sigh) feud between that the bearded Keynesian; Paul Krugman, and the always-dapper President of Estonia; Toomas Hendrik Ilves.

FT blog has the story here.

My favourite is President Ilves' sick burn at Krugman on his Nobel Prize, saying: "Guess a Nobel in trade means you can pontificate on fiscal matters...".

This story really raises some interesting issues: What are these people doing on bloody Twitter ? Has Estonian Opera run out of ideas ? Will Krugman be welcome at Talinn's world famous Christmas markets next year ? Should it be mandatory for presidents' of nations to wear bow ties ?

I wish the 16 minute opera well but for me the best economics-influenced music is across the sea from Estonia in Sweden.

PS. All Twitter/economics/opera puns are welcome. Could not think of any good ones for this article's headline.