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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Reading for the Weekend

There has been some really interesting articles this week (most from the FT but never mind):
  •  Wolfgang Munchau thinks Merkel is living in a parallel universe.
  • Colm McCarthy and Martin Wolf have both given great overviews on Ireland and what needs to be done with it's insurmountable debt.
  • Crazy old  Axel Weber left the Bundesbank thus taking his hat out of the ECB ring and his name off the Merkels' Christmas card list. He then wrote an article opposing any plans to allow the European Stability Mechanism to purchase bonds and calling for the Stability and Growth Pact to be strengthened. Reinforcing the stereotype that most Germans think that all economic crises can be prevented by fiscal discipline alone.
  • John Plender on the Credit Bubble's Comeback
  • Roubini and Bremmer tell us that our G20 world has become G-Zero.
So, as you while away the hours this weekend, waiting to see who gets the position of being told what to do by the IMF and the Commission, and wondering which member of Vampire Weekend does Dylan Haskins look like, check out some of these articles, they give a flavour of the interesting times we live in.....

NOTE: For any of the FT articles, follow the link, you'll hit a paywall but the title of the article will appear above your address bar, just google the title of the article and click on the first link you come across and you'll be past the paywall.


  1. Love the roundup format - looking forward to it being a regular thing.

  2. Hey Conor, cheers. If you like that, you'll love (again you have to get passed the paywall a lá the FT).

    I will try and do some more in depth stuff soon