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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Waking Shark II: The Re-Sharkening

A "war game " styled drill was carried out across London today to see how well the City would deal with a shark cyber attack on a number of international and domestic financial institutions' computer systems....and it had the best name ever: Waking Shark II. If the Syfy channel don't come knocking for a spinoff I will eat my hat.

Details of the exercise are available here from Reuters.

Whoever came up with" Waking Shark II" deserves the 2014 Nobel Prize for Economics...or, failing that, the 2014 Nobel Prize for Naming Stuff (it's real trust me).

Details of the exercise won't be published until December 2013 and the results could be interesting considering some of the points raised by IT experts and highlighted here by Warick Ashford of Computer Weekly.

P.S. As sharks never sleep surely they're never waking but constantly awake ? The world of finance poses more intriguing questions than I ever thought possible...

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